• Establishment

    Masters Ali and Ziya had establish a small workshop of lathes at Karaköy which would be foundation of Vastas. They had been involved with establishment of pumping and generator system, including maintenance, repair and field services. Small workshop would have been enlarged under various brand names such as (Ergin Makina, Ali , DSO) at various locations Kasımpaşa, Hasköy, Sütlüce and Ayvansaray. They manufacture capstans & mobile cranes (excavator) until the end of nineteen sixties.

  • First Valve Production

    First plug and diaphragm type valves have been realized upon request of a multinational company Unilever and a long journey, already a half century today, has been initrated at Ayvansaray Workshop.


    A collective type company, so called ERGAT, has been established in order to focus production of industrial valves. As a result of R&D works, between 1967-1973, they start to produce gate, check, globe, ball valve types in addition to plug, diaphragm valves.

  • Corporate Status

    A new form of company has been found in order to provide quality products & expert sevices under clean environment for pipelines, so called "Vastas" was born.

  • First Investment

    New plant was build at Çerkezköy OSB, Tekirdağ with 4500 m2 covered area on a land of 27000 m2, which enlarged the company's capacity by 500%

  • Crisis & Downsizing

    Economical crisis hit Vastas seriously and resulted a 75% reduction of the company. At the mean time however, Vastas laid the foundation of the existing plant it owns now.

  • R&D, Type Approval & Licences

    Vastas was the first Turkish valve manufacturer who owned API 6D, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 & CE certificates and moreover being a Turkish company realizes another first by building a QHSE Integrated Management System.

  • Re-enlargement and Improvement

    After receipt of the leading manufacturer status for the pipeline valves, Vastas increased it's capacity by 110% and it's overall sales by 250% within 6 years through hard working and enlargement investments.

  • Product Development

    API 600 monogram license and type approval certificates have been received for related products. R&D works were initiated for the pipeline valves which are currently preferred at the first rank by Turkish and Middle East companies.

  • Sustainable Development

    Vastas continued to invest during last 5 years and increased it's personnel and production capacity by 250%. 60% of total production within this period was realized as export.

  • International Quality Award to Vastaş

    The leading valve manufacturer of Europe and Middle East, VASTAS has been granted the ‘International Quality Star Award’ by Business Initiative Directions (B.I.D.), which is an award given to selected companies annually to encourage their sectorial leadership on quality, innovation, and technology.

  • Today

    Vastas has developed more than 7000 valve project and supplied products and services to more than 70 countries in 6 continents of the world.

Mae Reklam