You're Invited to Our Booth at ADIPEC 2017 Exhibition!

We will be glad to welcome you at our booth during ADIPEC 2017 Exhibition in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

13 – 16 November 2017

Hall: 10
Booth No: 10830

VASTAS is awarded to supply thousand valves to KOC Flow-line project in North Kuwait Area

Vastas is recently approved in Kuwait Oil Company for various product groups and this is the very first order as an approved supplier.

The scope of supply for this project is:
Wedge Gate Valves 2-20 inches, 600-1500 Class
Check Valves 2-6 inches, 600-1500 Class

Our other reference in Kuwait includes tailor-made valves for KNPC.

Çan-2 Thermal Power Plant Valves are in Vastas Service Workshop

Here is the view of our service workshop today. Yes, it looks a bit messy but its the pieces of a Thermal Power Station! Vastas was awarded for the maintenance and refurbishment work of critical valves in the turbine and the boiler of a Thermal Power Station Project. We have DN 600 full lift safety valves, DN 500x600 IP bypass valves with hydraulic actuators and more at our plant for repair and revisions. They are brought from Austria to be rebuilt in Turkey. Project is called the Çan-2 Thermal Power Plant and belongs to ODAŞ Energy. They purchased a 330 MW Thermal Power Plant, the disassembly from Austria and reassembly to Turkey Can is still ongoing...

Vastas Received an Honour Award from Turkish Machinery Industry

Vastas received an Honour Award from Turkish Machinery Industry for its services over 70 years in the market.

You're invited to our booth at ADIPEC 2016 Exhibition!

We will be glad to welcome you at our booth during ADIPEC Exhibition which we'll take place 5th times in a row this year...

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

07 – 10 November 2016

Hall: 10
Booth No: 10830


Vastas is now authorized manufacturer for ASME U Designated Pressure Vessels according to ASME Section VIII, Division I which is a well-known certification in Professional Pressure Vessel Industry.

Vastas ensured to meet ASME's Code for the design, manufacture, inspection, testing and certification of Pressure Vessels for its Valve Actuators that operates at either internal or external pressures exceeding 15 psig. This pressure may be obtained from an external source or by the application of heat from a direct/ indirect source, or any combination thereof. Specific requirements apply to several classes of material used in pressure vessel construction, and also to fabrication methods such as welding, forging and brazing.

ASME, American Society of Mechanical Engineers, develops and maintains internationally recognized industrial and manufacturing codes and standards that enhance public safety. It has been estimated that over 100 countries accept the ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code as a means of meeting their government safety regulations.

We are proud to be the first and only Valve & Actuator manufacturer in Turkey with the authorization to apply ASME U Stamp to our Pressure Vessels. As a solution partner of our clients, we will ensure sustainable development with regularly updating our procedures and fabrication processes to be corresponded with ASME Code and our customers' expectations.


International Quality Award to Vastaş

The leading valve manufacturer of Europe and Middle East, VASTAŞ has been granted the ‘International Quality Star Award' by Business Initiative Directions (B.I.D.), which is an award given to selected companies annually to encourage their sectorial leadership on quality, innovation, and technology.

This award was presented to, Director of Corporate Communications of Vastaş, Ms. Ayşem Ergin at a ceremony, which was held on September 20th 2015, in the InterContinental Genève Convention Center.

Minister of Energy operated Vastas's 56 inch Ball Valve & Actuator

As one of the largest valve and actuator producer of Europe and Middle East, Vastas completed its investments for future pipeline projects. The 56-inch valve and actuator is specially designed and produced for the largest European natural gas supply projects Nabucco & TANAP and was introduced at the EIF 2012 Energy Congress to participants for the first time.

Vastas's CEO Mr. Nedim Ergin informed Mr. Yildiz about their product, afterwards Mr. Yildiz operated the valve, congratulated Mr. Ergin and all Vastas employees and thanked for their efforts.

President of Vastas, Mr. Nedim Ergin commented that Vastas "produced the 56-inch valve and actuator with a research and development team that included our suppliers in order to be prepared for future projects." He added that the Vastas team is "very excited because these products are the most strategic parts of a pipeline, and they serve as proof of Turkish engineers' and workers' success."

Deliveries started for Erzincan Compressor Station

Last May, Tecnicas Reunidas (EPC contractor of this project) visited Vastas facility to witness the tests and given release note.
Valve and actuator deliveries started to Erzincan Compressor Stations' site, and planned to be completed at September.

Erzincan Compressor Station is one of BOTAS's projects under 'Gas Sector Development Project' with World Bank loan.  With the Gas Sector Development Project it is aimed to increase the reliability and stability of gas supply in Turkey by implementing critically needed gas storage and network infrastructure.

This project will finance Tuzgolu Underground Gas Storage Facility and two compressor stations Erzincan and Corum and other network infrastructure. The Compressor stations are required to help transmit the increasing volumes of gas expected to be imported into Turkey from existing and new sources.

The Erzincan station will have 39 MW of compression capacity and will enable the import of natural gas from Azerbaijan.

Vastas supplies to ENI/SAIPEM

The refinery has balanced refining capacity of 190 kbbl/d and a conversion index of 59%. ENI management believes that this unit is among the most efficient refineries in Europe. Located in the Po Valley, it mainly supplies markets in North-Western Italy and Switzerland. The high degree of flexibility and conversion capacity of this refinery allows it to process a wide range of feedstock. From a logistical standpoint this refinery is located along the route of the Central Europe Pipeline, which links the Genoa terminal with French speaking Switzerland.

The Refinery, located in the Turin-Milan-Genoa industrial triangle, satisfies the demands for energy in the most highly industrialized area in Italy.
This position also prompted the development of a closely knit supply and distribution network through oil pipelines, minimizing environmental impact and costs linked with on the road haulage and handling oil products, furthermore guaranteeing punctual and at the same time faster delivery

Vastas improved its product range with API 6A & API 602 monogrammed valves and actuators

The American Petroleum Institute (API) has awarded Vastas with the API 6A & API 602 Monogram, as well as API 6D & API 600.

Vastas API 6A  license no:  1301

Vastas API 6D  license no:  0449

Vastas API 600 license no:  0043

Vastas API 602 license no:  0035

Vastas Valves at BP - BTC Ceyhan Marine Terminal

Vastas finalized its $ investment and started processing

The capacity increased to 4500 tons and reached to a capacity of '55 tons single valve' production capacity. This achievement allowed Vastas to produce 60" ball and 100" gate valve.

Vastas Valves Delivered to BP - Sangachal Terminal

Vastas supplied 2-28 inch Gate, Check, Ball, Plug & Control valves, to Sangachal Garadagh Oil & Gas Terminal Group, for the BP Terminal. The 'Vastas Site Service Team' supported the Sangachal Terminal Project with maintenance & repair service during construciton, test and commissioning.

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