Line Test Equipment

Tightner with Air, ½”
Tightner with Air, ¾”
Block Gauges
Torque Gauges, 30-810 Nm
Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge, 101.7, 260
Coating Thickness Gauge, 0-999
Digital Temperature Gauge, 32+500 C
Microscope & Roughness Gauge
Ultrasonic Hardness Gauge, HrC, HB, HS, HV
Manometers (Pressure gauge), 25-600 bar
MSS SP-112 Surface Comparator, T1-T10
RA Surface Comparator, Ra. 0.5 - Ra 12.5
OPTIC Surface Comparator
Spark Testers, 5-35 kV + 0.5-5kV
Roughness Tester, Rz, Rz, Rg
Hardness Tester, HB, HrC, HV
Shore Durometer A
Shore Durometer D
Sound Meter, 30-130 dB
Ultrasonic Flaw Detector, USM35 DAC
Magnetic Particles & Ultraviolet Light, 20W
Liquid Penetrant & Ultraviolet Light
PLC Pressure Test Devices & Recorder
Universal Material Testing Machine, 5 kN
Spectrometers, 20 element
Calipers, 150-2000mm
Lantern Jawned Digital Caliper
Numerator Set, 5mm - 20mm
Micrometers, 25-800 mm
Helium Detector, min 2ppm
Arm Quantum, 1.4m, 7 axis 360 measurement
Optical flat, 1/4 5.5, 0.001 sensivity
Lubrication & Maintenance Pump
Non-motorized Pump
Valtex Viper Pump
Wireless Video Inspection System
Paint Test Device Cross Cut, Adhesive Type
Electrical Saw
Motored Spherical Lapping Machine
Grinding Motors
Vacuum Pump
Exproof Pumps
Safety Relief Test Equipments
Electrical Threader
Electrical Grind Diesinker
Nut Tightners with Air 1”
Grind Diesinker with Air
Wrench Tools
Torque Gaugemeter, 5-30 Nm
Torque Gaugemeter, 40-200 Nm
Torque Gaugemeter, 28-210 Nm
Torque Gaugemeter, 50-350 Nm
Torque Gaugemeter, 20-100 Nm
Gate-Check Valve Lapping Machines, DN100-DN500
Gate-Check Valve Lapping Machines, DN40-DN150
Gate-Check Valve Lapping Machines, EDV800
Gate-Check Valve Lapping Machines, DN25-DN200
Gate-Check Valve Lapping Machines, DN500-DN1000
Globe Valve Lapping Machines, R-Min 1530

Mae Reklam