As Vastas, we act with better future objective, not only for our employees but for our society as well.

We believe that quality alone is not a success; if you are not capable to manage environment and environment cannot be considered apart from health, and nor health from safety.

And a company cannot be excluded from its stakeholders and its local environment.

Human Rights: We respect and support human rights and defend that everyone should be respected as an individual without any exception, such as nationality/ethnic origin, sex, religion or any other differences which also has been stated clearly at our ethical rules.
We embrace and apply both National and International Labour Organization (ILO) rights and standards.

Gender Equality: We endorse more women employees and support women’s empowerment, both in our company and society.
We continue to increase the rate of our female employees and managers with refusing the any kind of discrimination including gender apartheid in the men-lead industry.

Support to Education: Vastas promotes general and personal education, training and development programs for its employees. We organize vocational and also self-help trainings. While some of them are carried out in-house and collectively, some of them are organized as outdoor and individually.
Besides, Vastas provides tuition assistance and equipment support to its employees’ children who are at their educational age. In addition, we provide material and equipment support to schools in different areas of Turkey, if their needs are determined or documented.

Health, Safety and Well-being: Health and safety our employees is the utmost priority of Vastas. We ensure the health, safety and well-being of all workers within the company but also try to improve their knowledge of HS in their homes and daily life.

Healthy Living & Sport: We are running various programs to raise our employee’s awareness about healthy living.  Moreover, we support them to create more healthy and active living with Vastas Sport Club.  

Responsible Consumption & Production: We use conservation and waste management program.

Innovation and R&D: We commit to improve the industry. Vastas is pioneer using the latest technology and standards in valve business. We have a R&D Department for sustainable business and better quality, which also works to consult our suppliers to improve the market.

Support to Local Business: We cooperate with local suppliers if they can comply with Quality and HSE standards. We work to improve the local suppliers by also educating and consulting them.

Vastas works to start a local content initiative for Energy projects in Turkey.

Mae Reklam