This is a non-return type valve for preventing back flow. It works automatically according the flow direction, upon request, controlled operation is an available option through additional device. This model is a Dual Disc Compact Valve. Wafer type is preferred, which can be mounted between two flanges. It keeps the flow rate loss at the lowest level, in the processes. This design prevents shocks and strikes. At pump start-up flowing fluid enters the valve from the seat end and forces the two disc to open fully, until they strike touch-on disc stop pin. When there is a counter flow or in pump shut-down cases, valve closes rapidly with help of the torsion springs. It can also be used instead of 'tilting disc' check valve. When compared with other check valves it outstands with the ability to work in any connections, vertical-opposite, horizontal or inclined. Pigging is not applicable.

Vastas Figure
E40D - Dual Disc Check Valve | 2"-48", 150-600 Class, API 6D

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