Service activity is one of the important factors, which lead up to current success of Vastaş Company. Repair works during the years of 1950's caused Vastas for the first time getting familiar with valve business. During this period, lasting almost 10 years, Vastas gained important practice about valve types, maintenance needs, damages created by wrong usage or from the product itself, observation of defects, etc. Additional design and production activities together with those practice gained, resulted with manufacturing of valves by the year of 1966. 

We are able precisely to measure the product performance by means of still lasting service activity. Our service activities are not only limited with own products, but we offer our specialized qualification to the customer whenever required for every type of brand.

After-Sale Service

Vastas is aware that ‘After Sales Service' is an Important factor in the sales and ongoing success of products. Vastas's highly qualified service crew, who monitors the manufacture processes and tests of the product, is also an indicator of how Vastas gives a special care to ‘after sales'.

Vastas stands by its customers

Our customer service starts at your first call and never ends unless customer satisfaction is achieved. We do not only support you for our own valves but we do help you for your consultancy needs related pipeline valves and actuators of other brand.

Vastas stands by its products

Our products are designed, produced and tested using the latest technology and a qualified labour. If the necessary conditions and maintenances are ensured, Vastas valves have operational life equal to the plant life they assembled to. The guarantee is not limited with 2 years; there is the chance to expand your guarantee to 4 years, adding a periodic service requirement to the guarantee terms in your orders and/or contract.

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